PIM Implementation

Complete PIM implementation integrated it into your business workflow and existing systems.

Complete PIM implementation integrated it into your business workflow and existing systems.

A PIM system set for successunderline

The game changes with a PIM system in your business. It promotes precision, consistency, and efficiency in all channels. It manages your product data in one place and in a simpler way.


Do you need PIMunderline?

Every one of these problems finds a solution in PIM

Many sources of data

Lack of centralized product data

Issues with data consistency

Unable to handle units

Low quality of data

Complex catalog management

Parallel collaboration on data

Need for product data changelog

Need for Omni-Channel consistency

Need for reliable product data integrations

I Need a PIM

The featuresunderline you are looking for

Multilingual Support

PIM simplifies the management of multiple languages through a straightforward interface.

Multi-channel Support

It enables product data distribution to diverse sales channels, like websites, marketplaces, and print catalogs.

Data Mapping and Transformation

It enables the mapping and alteration of product data to meet diverse channel requirements.

Version Control

You can view the change history at any time to track what was altered and when.

Data Validation

This system focuses on data validation and ensures data accuracy using embedded rules.

Digital Asset Management

Your data includes assets that are tied to your products.

Workflow Management

PIM provides tools to monitor and manage data enrichment, including progress stats.

User Access Controls

PIM ensures data access management, allowing many users with different roles without conflict.

API Integration

The system allows smooth integration with other systems, including ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms.

Data Syndication

Supports the syndication of product data to partners and affiliates for wider exposure.

I Want PIM Features

Our main platformsunderline


One inriver solution with limitless capabilities to solve the challenges that impact digital commerce today. Four areas of focus define where inriver shines: onboarding, creation, distribution, and evaluation.


Every feature in Struct PIM is purposefully designed to enable businesses to work efficiently and painlessly with product information - all in one single place. Explore the features that makes Struct PIM the most powerful PIM system in the world.


Whatever your organization needs to create exceptional product experiences across every channel, owned or unowned, Akeneo’s got you covered. Take a deep dive into the full extent of Akeneo’s offering today.

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